Find Freedom From Trauma and Its Symptoms

A Revolutionary Approach to Give You Your Life Back

Are you treating the symptoms rather than the root cause?

Mental health treatment often focuses on treating symptoms. At enCOURAGE we explore and address the root cause of your loneliness, anxiety, depression and other symptoms you may be experiencing. 

When we heal our trauma, we heal.

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Therapists Love Us

Here's what they say about our program:

"enCOURAGE Trauma Center's IOP has transformed my client's feelings of fear and shame into empowerment and acceptance. The combination of psychoeducation and compassionate support provided a safe space for healing. Noblet Davidson and Dr. Theresa Fassihi demonstrate great integrity through their work." -Danielle Etter, MS, LPC

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Real Results

Our unique approach has given many patients hope, and freedom from trauma, time and time again. Here are some quotes from past patients:

"The decision to join the trauma group was a terrifying one due to the unknown and lack of education I had on the subject. Ironically the education piece of the curriculum became the most comforting. After completing the course, I felt equipped with the vocabulary and understanding of trauma. I would highly recommend this group and wish I had joined it sooner." -Tim, 51

"The Psychoeducational group allowed me to see deeper into the pain that I was holding onto clear enough so that I could begin to let go. It was hard work, but worth it." -Stacy, 20

"I loved this program. It allowed me to see patterns in myself and how I manage in relationships with others and myself. It taught me a variety of tools to begin re-writing the messages and change the stories. The leaders were amazing, supportive, and created a loving and safe environment. I loved the mindfulness practice." -Anne, 33  

How The Program Works

“Understanding lies at the heart of treating trauma.”

-Jon G. Allen, PhD

Writing on a Notebook



We get to know you, and identify the underlying reasons you are experiencing pain through a formal assessment. We administer a test battery before and after treatment  to track your growth!

Psychology Patient


Together we get to learn about how trauma affects us, and begin to move through it by safely connecting with others who “get it”, all while practicing skills to take care of ourselves.

Support Group


After you graduate from our 8 week IOP, you can continue your healing through our Alumni Process and Mindfulness Practice Groups, staying connected to your fellow group members


Five Reasons the enCOURAGE IOP Can Help Healing Happen

Many forms of therapy have been developed to treat trauma and have proven benefits.  Medication is often recommended to alleviate symptoms.  Healing from trauma is a complicated process that can take a long time.    Download this information packed article from our team at enCOURAGE to learn how we move forward.

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During our initial consultation, we learn about how your life experiences have been traumatic and how trauma continues to (impact your quality of life?) show up in your life. Our program coordinator will be happy to answer your questions and help you set up an appointment for an assessment with our clinical team!

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